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Creativilor japonezi le-a venit o idee geniala de  a promova o companie de obstetrica si ginecologie. Au creat o carte a carui interior se modifica in functie de cate saptamani trec in perioada dezvoltarii bebelusului in burtica mamelor.  Mamele isi pot trece sentimentele, starile si gandurile care le petrec in timpul celor 40 de saptamani importante din viata lor. Un fel de psihiatru personal… Cateva pagini si importanta lor sunt mai jos.

Unul dintre designeri il puteti gasi pe behance, tomotakeda.


Beginning of a new life. / A new life begins. / Here is the beginning of a new life.
2 week
It is determined at this stage whether the baby will become a boy or a girl.
6 week
The size of the baby becomes measureable.
7 week
Heartbeats can be confirmed in this phase
9 week

The baby is able to detect external stimuli, such as light and sound.

10 week

At this point, the baby has gills and fins.


13 week



The baby starts moving around using the uterine wall as a trampoline.
15 week

The baby’s fingerprints start to form.

18 week

The baby can now hear the mother’s voice, as well as other noise from the outside world.

20 week

The baby begins to react to loud noise.

25 week

The baby is now swimming around in the amniotic fluids.

27 week

The retinae, to sense the light and darkness, is now taking form.

28 week

The five senses become finer, to sense light, sound, and smell.

29 week
The baby is growing at tremendous speed.
37 week
Sleep cycles become more consistent.
38 week
The baby may now be contemplating on which day to head to the outside world.
39 week

The body fat which makes up 15% of the baby’s body becomes its source of energy in the first stages after birth.

40 week
The baby is now ready to make that journey to meet its mom!

Entrant DENTSU Nagoya, JAPAN
Section Health and Wellness B: Education & Services
Product Group Clinics & Hospitals
Media Channel Print
Entrant Company DENTSU Nagoya, JAPAN
Advertising Agency DENTSU Nagoya, JAPAN
Production Company OPENENDS Nagoya, JAPAN
Production Company 2 C3 FILM NAGOYA, JAPAN
Name Position
Mamoru Yamashita Executive Creative Director
Kazunari Nagatomo Chief Creative Officer
Tomio Nakaue Chief Creative Officer
Kishiomi Wakahara Creative Director
Michihito Dobashi Art Director
Jyunichi Tawara/Kanako Wada/Kotoha Tanaka Copywriter
Michihito Dobashi Art Director
Shigeki Wada/Ryuhei Torii Agency Producer
Masao Shirasawa/Tomoko Takeda Designer
Yoshihiro Ozaki Photographer
Naoko Moriguchi Planner
Norio Kito Printing Director
Satoru Ozawa Printing Director
Tomohiro Koyama/Hiroaki Ishikawa/Runa Inagaki Retoucher
Yunosuke Kunimoto Translator
Makoto Wakahara Translator
Yoshitaka Kondo Director
Tsutomu Kondo Film Producer

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